What are your areas of focus?
Trauma, Identity, Self-worth
What is your cost per session?
$15o per session
Do you accept my insurance?
I do not accept insurance.  However, I am able to provide a "Super Bill" that you able to submit to your insurance and see if they will reimburse your rate.

More clinicians are not accepting insurance because self-pay (or not going through insurance) provides more freedom in our treatment.  Many insurance companies limit sessions or require a mental health diagnosis for treatment to continue.  Most of my clients do not meet the requirements of a specific diagnosis but definitely benefit from on-going therapy.  This also allows me to have additional session for clients without approval from insurance
I live in Southern Illinois; can you still be my therapist?
Currently, I am licensed in Illinois. I am able to provide in-person (near Arlington Heights IL) or via telehealth for individuals throughout the state of Illinois.  
Coming soon: Availability in Georgia
How often do you suggest therapy for a new client?
Initially, I always encourage a minimum of 1x a week.  This allows us to get to know one another and helps me to get a better understanding of your history. Additionally, reducing to less than 1x a week will decrease the potential progress.