Hi, I'm Kris.

My name is Kristen Hernandez.  I usually go by "Kris."

I am Trauma Focused Licensed Clinical Social Worker with about 15 years of clinical experience.  

I provide individual therapy in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago as well as telehealth throughout Ilinois.  

My practice is about empowering you to recognize the strengths in your story and to reduce the impact of your past trauma.

I truly believe every person and their story matters in this world.  I am not the nod and smile type of therapist; I want to work alongside you in navigating your struggles and creating the life you have been dreaming about.

I have had the honor of working in senior director positions for large non-profit organizations, which has truly enhanced my ability to recognize the needs within our communities.

I truly believe that kindness and respect for others can make a big impact in how we interact with those around us.  I will always advocate for equity, justice, inclusion, and the rights to be exactly who we are.  If you are seeking therapy services,

I can assure that I will provide a safe space to be your true self.    


Kris Hernandez
LCSW & Founder of Olive Branch Mental Health