Empowering women in Illinois to re-discover their worth and process the impact of their story!

As women, our identity is constantly evolving. We can value our past while finding and celebrating the new you!
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The women I work with are strong, independent, and have overcome more than anyone can imagine. Their stories are as unique as they are. I help women let go of "getting back to my old self" and re-discover their worth today. We are not defined by one event or one part of our identity. I will help you reduce the guilt, anxiety, and or shame that you may associate with the past. The future possibilities are endless.

There will be no judgments, lots of laughter, (some tears), and a whole lot of healing when we begin working together!




As your therapist, I appreciate what you are willing to share with me. I want to know who you are, what has happened to you, and most importantly, how it impacted you.

I work from a philosophy of "appreciative curiosity."

We will work together towards making sense of it all so that you can work towards feeling like your fullest self.

Hi, I'm Kris.

My practice is about empowering you to recognize the strengths in your story and to reduce the impact of your past trauma. With 15 years of clinical experience, I know that every person and their story matters. I also know that healing is possible.

You will find that I'm not the nod and smile type of therapist; I have a no-BS approach and work alongside you in navigating your struggles and creating the life you have been dreaming about.

My past experience in various senior director positions for large non-profit organizations has truly enhanced my ability to recognize the needs within our communities. I'm convinced that kindness and respect for others can make a big impact in how we interact with those around us.  I'll always advocate for equity, justice, inclusion, and the rights to be exactly who we are.  If you are seeking therapy services, I can assure that I will provide a safe space to be your true self.  


Kris Hernandez
LCSW & Founder of Olive Branch Mental Health

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Olive Branch Mental Health
Kris Hernandez, LCSW

1020 S Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 1SE
Arlington Heights Il 60005

Phone: (847) 901-3292

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